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Web Application Development in USA

Strategic planning and custom web application solutions for your business

Website Development Company

Modern, forward-thinking companies require both high-quality website applications as well as reliable maintenance to adapt to a changing marketplace. OST provides thorough and exhaustive development services ranging from website and mobile-app creation to programing support on your application’s backend.

Named a winner of the Philly 100 Entrepreneur Awards, OST offers solutions for web and app development needs that are flexible to your business’s specific needs.


Content Management Solutions (CMS)

To adapt to your company’s needs, we aim to provide a “Right Fit CMS” for your web interfaces. CMS allows for the integration of two or more platforms: a front end visible to the public and a back end to implement changes. CMS solutions have the benefit of offering website design to fit your business and brand while also making it easy for your non-technical employees to make adjustments.
OST offers experience in Joomla , Drupal, WordPress, ECommerce CMS and other platforms
OST also provides solutions in Cross-Vendor CMS Migration, CMS Personalization Strategy, Third-Party CMS Integration

Web Application Framework (WAF)

WAFs are frameworks designed to support the development of web applications. Employing smart frameworks gives your code a breadth of features, flexibility, reusability and portability across platforms. Depending on your business’s particular needs, we select the most suitable programming framework to build your web application, backend administrator dashboards, API, order management and subscription platforms. OST offers 10+ years of experience in Laravel, Codiginator, Zend and CakePHP.

Custom Software Development

We begin our development process by assessing and analyzing your business’s needs and goals. Then, our technical strategy experts define a technology roadmap: a strategic plan with a concrete timeline and milestones for your business to implement the software. Using and developing custom software allows for even further customization of your business’s technical infrastructure. With purposeful planning, you and your business can reap the rewards of investing in application development in both the short and long term.

Delivered Solutions