About 27th Investment

“27th Investment” is a national investment firm specializing in small to mid-size, short-term and long-term investments across a diverse portfolio. No matter your comfort level or risk tolerance, 27th Investments has solutions to fit your goals and experience in both passive and active investment vehicles.

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The Problem

27th Investment was in need of investment and lead management software to automate their internal work and to save time and cost. This software automated investments made, customer portfolios and leads. 27th Investment needs each module or functionality to be open ended so it can be enhanced easily depending on the scope of future business.

Solutions We Provided

This Investment Management Dashboard is featured with distinct features:

Admin Section:-

  • User management
  • Client management
  • Formulated investment interest, investment cancellation penalty and other calculations
  • Investment management (add, edit, delete investments and cancel investment)
  • Dashboard

Client Section:-

  • Create and manage account
  • Investment management (add, edit, delete and cancel investment)
  • Capability to manage multiple investments in one place
  • Dashboard

We created separate dashboard for admin and client. This dashboard saves the admin and client time and energy by allowing transparent, hassle free movement of money between various investment types and projects.

Dashboard home page, showcased the total investment amount, total Customers, total Leads and number of cancelled investments. All these fields are clickable and navigate to respective pages. Admin also can view the upcoming months maturing Investments from the dashboard itself.

Client Management Dashboard : Client can view his active, matured and cancelled Investments and can also create a lead for a new Investment using the Investment calculator.

Lead Management: Leads can be  generated either from the user dashboard or through the Mobile Application, New and existing use after calculating their Investment through a custom build calculator can generate a lead which stores into this section. These leads can be managed by the admin or the managers. Further status of the lead can also be changed based on the conversation 27th Investment staff had with their customers.

Mobile App

The Mobile app is developed for clients only. The client can login to view the investment’s status, request to invest more or submit a loan application.
27th Investment’s Mobile app is developed using hybrid mobile app framework. It can be run on both iOS and Android devices. The API’s are to populate the content in the app.


  • Many minds came together to achieve the details of direct investments with the calculations. Initially almost everyday, requirement kept changing. Creating an investment and moving the data of each investment among different projects available took a lot of sweat.
  • The trickiest part was cancellation. If an ongoing investment is cancelled 2.1 Amount of this investment will be collected back from all the projects its invested in. 2.2 Cancellation charge would be deducted, prorated interest of current month will be calculated and then the total amount would be sent to customer.
  • Add recurring investment.

Client’s Word

Through OpenSource Technologies Inc.'s efforts, users were able to effectively use the app's functionalities. The backend was very high-quality. Their communication and ability to deliver on time was fantastic. They are very knowledgeable and understanding.

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