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About Us

Over the last 11 years, OpenSource Technologies (OST) has offered Web and Mobile App development services to businesses globally. We have offices and partners in Lansdale, Pennsylvania and Atlanta, Georgia (USA). We provide cost effective and innovative tech solutions to our clients.


We ensure that our solutions surpass your expectations and we believe in absolute transparency vis-à-vis our work processes. We have a proven track record in the retail, high technology, manufacturing and social industries, and approach every new project adaptively and enthusiastically.

Our mantra for success

Transparency . Acceptance of challenges . Belief in two-way business partnerships . Forward-thinking solutions

Why OST?

“Our cutting-edge solutions aim to add value to your product and business.”

Virtual Security

We appreciate the privacy of your hard-earned ideas and business practices. OST will sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to ensure the absolute protection of your intellectual properties.

One-stop shop

We operate across multiple fields: design, custom development, digital marketing, and server & website maintenance to name a few. Our in-house experts are dedicated to the diverse needs of your business.


Our certified experts work one-on-one with clients towards growing the client’s business. We utilize the most up-to-date technologies to deliver the highest quality results.

Customer Support

At OST, We believe that communication is the key to success for every business. Our turnaround-time is usually one working day, and we provide consistent support to avoid any inconvenience and delay.

Quality Assurance

Our clients are our assets. Beyond understanding business requirements, we also strive to contribute to your success. By matching the enthusiasm and investment of our clients, we have built trust in our business relationships. Click here to see a few client reviews.


We work globally.  Contact us regardless of your location to learn more.


Open Source Technologies Inc. Receives 2017 Best of Manhattan Award
OST Clients across countries
OST has Released 100+ extensions in different CMS’s, which have 25000+ active installations


In the recent past, we have devoted resources towards enhancing partnerships with various software development and service-providing agencies. Our partners’ faith in us has helped us build a positive market image and allows us to deliver even better software solutions.

OST Executives


Manish Mittal

Chief Executive Officer

Anthony C Onwuz

Senior Client Partner

Shaili Gupta

Manager, Analytics and Digital Marketing

Daniel Gonell

Manager, User Experience and Design

OST Leaders


Vijay Kumar

Practice Leader, Ecommerce and Data Management

Lorena Villar

Project Management & UX Design

Vikas Sharma

Project Manager

Future Employee



Practice Leader, Digital Marketing


Sr. Project Coordinator
OST – Writer


Creative Content Writer


Sr. Technical Content Writer