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OpenSource Technologies in the Local Community

The Dolan Fund

Manish Mittal, CEO of OpenSource Technologies, serves on the board of directors for the Dolan Fund, a non-profit organization dedicated to financially supporting families caring for children with serious illnesses such as anemia or cancer. The Fund, named after Kelly Anne Dolan, a child with a rare blood disease, aims to relieve the financial burden of medical costs, so that families do not have to sacrifice basic expenses like food and shelter to care for their childrens’ conditions.

Mittal states that his connection to the organization comes from a desire to apply his background in IT and software to a good cause in the local, Pennsylvania community.


In terms of his and the company’s role within the Dolan Fund, Mittal describes OST’s support of the organization as addressing the Fund’s web application and software needs. “The board of directors requires different skill sets from its members,” Mittal states. With experience and knowledge of technology, Mittal and OpenSource take care of the Fund’s technical registration software and website requirements to help the organization better serve the affected and operate better in all they do.


“This fund helps the families of children with illnesses get through tough economic times,” Mittal adds. “We want to use our professional services for good, and directly touch the lives of children and families in our immediate area.”

Plymouth Whitemarsh

High School


Plymouth Whitemarsh High School

As part of our commitment to local education and community progress, OpenSource Technologies is pleased to assist Plymouth Whitemarsh High School (PWHS) in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania. PWHS, a public high school in the Colonial Faculty District, plays an important part in the education of students in grades nine through twelve.


PWHS is known for its commitment to academic success and for providing a noteworthy education to its diverse student population. The faculty’s accreditation by the Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges and its acceptance by the Pennsylvania Department of Education demonstrates its dedication to maintaining excellent academic standards.


OpenSource Technologies seeks to contribute to the development and prosperity of the neighborhood residents via collaboration with Plymouth Whitemarsh High School. We appreciate the importance of education in defining one’s future, and our support for PWHS demonstrates our belief in promoting learning opportunities that enable kids to attain their full potential.


As a firmly embedded organization inside the local network, OpenSource Technologies is seen as a partner in Plymouth Whitemarsh High School’s quest for educational excellence. We are committed to continuing our collaboration and contributing to the college’s long-term success. We will positively impact the lives of college students and the future of our network if we work together.