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OST is a leading B2B Portal Development company. The web portals and sites designed by us enables the clients to upload around 1000 products so that they can ensure the global access of these products.
B2B Portal Development Services, Portal Development Services
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B2B Portal Development

OST provides Business-2-Business (B2B) web portal design and development solutions that fulfill all your expectations. We have a team of expert in customized B2B web portal development for businesses and entrepreneurs. We provide full below mentioned set up for B2B portal development.
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My vendor Website

Features Overview

  • Different user roles
  • Pay mill Payment Integrations
  • Multilanguage (EN, FR)
  • FAQ

Customer Features

  • Change Account settings
  • Update their profile
  • Can change preferred language
  • Can submit an order
  • Receive & compare quotes
  • Can Approve, Reject Proposal
  • Get the work done
  • Receive bill and pay
  • Get Notifications – When any relevant order receive.
  • Can rate service

Vendor Features

  • Change Account settings
  • Update their profile
  • Can change preferred language
  • View available orders
  • Provide quote on proposal
  • Get Notifications
  • Track your tickets – When user accepts your proposal then unique ticket number will generate.
  • Get down to work
  • Submit bill & get paid

Admin Features

  • Add/Remove Customer
  • Add/Remove Vendor
  • Verify companies
  • Configure all emails
  • Manage Commission & Penalty
  • Manage Content

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