Celebrating “Festival of Light “in OST.

OpenSource Technologies Inc. (OST)  Design & Development company  served globally celebrated the “Festival of Light- Diwali” in OST premises.

Diwali- A festival of happiness, lights, and enjoyment. It’s a victory of light (as Good habits, knowledge ) over the darkness (as Evil or bad habits) which motivate us that how we can win our inner darkness and fill the soul with happiness, Knowledge, and self-awareness.

To enjoy the fest entire office was decorated with flowers, Creepers, Diwali lamps. To celebrate the togetherness announced some competition like

Diya Decoration

In which all Ostieans participated with full enthusiasm. We all made the rangoli with different colors and  participated in Diwali fun activity.
HR played some video related to Eco-friendly Diwali which was the top most attraction of event and passed a very important message/awareness to each member about environment.
It was a great fun. Enjoyed the evening with Tambola, Dance, Antakshri and sweets with light snacks. After that Members wished each other “Happy and Safe Diwali” and distributed the Gifts and sweets to make this Diwali more sweet.

Self Desk Cleaning


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