Facebook Apps Development: A Dance with Devil

Facebook Apps Development: A Dance with Devil

Facebook’s booming app economy made a lot of developers to lose their sleep. Facebook relies on a legion of third-party developers to invent apps that help keep more than half a billion users returning day after day.

In recent project of OpenSource Technologies – “Dream Timeline”, developers have made use of a section for Multiple Sharing Vision Boards (MSVB). Further, we will be developing Facebook App for Vision Boards with same functionality


Sterling Functionalities Developed using MSVB:

  •  Users will be able to add vision board records similar to Pinterest.
  •  Users are allowed to share the VB among friends & groups and/or make the board as red-only
  • The VB allows users to drag images from the media library and simply drop them to the board canvas
  • Users can also add sticky notes for the images

The App is been developed using PHP/MySQL and hosted on client’s ftp server. It will be served on Facebook using iframe apps. The Dream Timeline MSVB and FB app will be inter-related as the changes made on either site will be available on other website.

OST Developers have worked hard to create memorable user experiences through interactive, engaging and media-rich Facebook Application. A custom developed Facebook application offers a lot to its customers such as create quizzes, participate in trivia, online gifts, role-play, a fantasy sports league, and other many entertaining activities or simply blow things up. It’s all within your reach.

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