Holi Masti In OpenSource Technologies

Holi Masti In OpenSource Technologies

Holi Celebration pic

Holi Celebration with Petals

Holi is a festival which is celebrated in the month of March (end of winter). Holi celebrated in India and Nepal as well. Now day Holi is very much popular in worldwide. All religion people celebrate the Holi with equal excitement so it is wrong if we give this festival name as a Hindu festival. Holi is a celebration of love where all people stand together and celebrate with each other.

Holi is the fun-filled festival which liked by every age of group people. We all enjoy this festival with dancing, singing, and throwing of powder paint and colored water.

Now to support the environment people also initiated and love to play Eco-friendly Holi. By using natural color, Chandan, petals and say no to balloons and plastic bags we can make our Holi Eco -friendly.

Opensource Technologies Celebrated (OST) Holi- Day of colors in office premises in March 2017. This time to support the environment OST initiated the Eco-Friendly Holi. We used the flower’s petal on the place of colored powder and play the dry Holi. It was a different experience to celebrate Eco-friendly Holi. All members were surprised when we start to distribute the flower petals. They all supported this HR initiative.

Before starting the event and to start the feel of Holi we decorated OST premises with the bright color of glossy papers and clippers. Every wall and desk were full of Red, Blue, Yellow and Green color. Every corner of premises is full of color.

Great excitement can be seen in all members at the time of celebrations. Bright colours and fragrance of petals fill the air and all member started to throw petals over each other.

Holi is more about dance and masti So all OST member participated on DJ and started dance on Holi songs. It was a great fun every member was having the fun in various dance poses. Without the feel of the difference of junior and senior all member enjoyed the Holi event.Member started the dance with “Rang Barse Song” and after that played number of variety.

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