OpenSource Technologies to Organize Open Seminar on “Responsive Web Design”

OpenSource Technologies to Organize Open Seminar on “Responsive Web Design”

Responsive web design is among the hottest trends taking place in web design industry. Analysts are saying that the year 2013 belongs to responsive design. The simple reason for this is hype of various devices having different screen size. Responsive design makes your website and its content compatible to devices of any screen size.


What is Responsive Design?

“Deliver a single flexible design that adopts to display properly on whatever devices are used to view website.

Internet usage is soaring across a wide variety of Screen Resolutions. Won’t it be simpler to have just a single website that could work everywhere? Responsive web design technology does exactly this.


Details about Open Seminar:

We are organizing a seminar to be held in OpenSource Technologies premises tackling a timely and relevant topic in “Responsive Design – A Paradigm Shift in Industry”. We are intent to involve academics, trainees and professionals who have the skills in HTML5 and looking forward to explore.


Topics to Cover:

  •  Introduction to responsive web design.
  •  Fluid grid structure.
  •  Media Queries.
  •  Flexible media
  •  Explanation of view ports
  •  Start building sample web page.
  •  Debugging and testing with different tools.
  •  Applying JavaScript for rich user interface.
  •  Handling flexible media with JavaScript and CSS
  •  Conclusion

See what the web is uniquely good at and how to adjust your site’s content accordingly. You’ll explore the best way to make your website compatible to various devices (iphone, ipad, tablets and other mobile devices).

If you wish to be a part of this seminar, Please register your seats at:

We await your availability.

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