OpenSource Technologies: Orange Day Celebration

Nowadays junk food is most popular and continuously capturing the market. So to be healthy it is more important that we promote more & more fruits and vegetables. Fruits and vegetables contain important vitamins and minerals. They also contain fiber which makes our digestive system strong. Good diet of fruits and vegetables help us to protect against cancer, diabetes and other health problems.

”Healthy Mind leaves (lives) in Healthy Body”

“Health is Wealth”

  There are lots of phrases which motivate us to be healthy.

In OpenSoure Technologies (OST) we care of (about) our member’s health and believe in all phrases.
To promote fruits and vegetables every month OST celebrates SEASONAL FRUIT DAY.

Recently we celebrated Orange day in Feb 2017. All OST members joined the event in Orange dress and made fun by clicking selfies and team pictures.

It was a great fun. All team members enjoyed the taste of Orange.



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