A Powerful Country Made a Strong History

A Powerful Country Made a Strong History

As we move into the 71st year of our country’s freedom, let us praise the devoted souls who let our national flag fly with pride. Obviously, our hearts are overflowing with emotions loaded with patriotism and that we don’t find the opportunity to express them regularly. considering every single bit we celebrate Independence Day at OST by organizing a wonderful celebration ceremony for all the employees every year.

15 August 1947, the day which is marked at every mind and heart of an Indian. Independence Day of any nation is a snapshot of pride and greatness they achieved. On this extraordinary event, rich tributes are paid to the national warriors who sacrificed their blood for their country. The Great Freedom fighters who battled magnanimously to free their homeland from the grip of British rule and sacrificed their lives will always be cherished.

Every year on this day, India’s skyline gets spotted with a huge number of kites, decorating the sky with the color of love and happiness on the day of freedom. Indians pay homage and recollect the bravery and spirit of the great individuals with a feeling of pride. There are variety of cultural functions and activities organized in streets, schools, offices, and colleges for the celebration. There is an official function held at the Red Fort in the National Capital of India.

Let’s express out our love for the motherland by indulging in the theme based chauvinistic activities. Devoted to praise the day we celebrated Independence Day at OST with few activities for which the employees came in theme based outfits and participated to perform with high spirit.

1. Decoration: OST was sparkling with the splendid national hues. The color of faith, peace, and greenery conveyed a lot without saying nothing.

2. National Anthem Singing: A choir of employees with the entire staff sang the national anthem to express the affection for the country.

3. Best Theme Based Outfit: The prize was given away to the best-dressed employee. Not only on the basis of color but for the innovative thought.

4. Snack Distribution: Last yet not the slightest, employees were given snack treat by OST in regard of their love and devotion towards the motherland.

Independence Day Celebration at OST

All in all, it’s a cheerful and a blissful day. Keep up the spirit and feel proud to be an Indian.

Happy Independence Day

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