The Backdrop

ICTSD launched the E15Initiative (E15) in 2011. E15 established to convene world-class experts and institutions to generate strategic analysis and recommendations for government, business and civil society geared towards strengthening the global trade and investment system for sustainable development.

Solution We Provided

Storyboard Expert
Our story board experts  team understood E15 requirements from  top to bottom and created requirement workflow.


  1. E15 client needs the mobile friendly and impressive  web application for their mobile user So for this we did not make the desktop layout responsive as per mobile size. We studied the requirement carefully and shortlisted some features for Mobile screen. Our designing expert team closely study each and every functionality of E15 website and base on client suggestion and team analysis we prioritize the functionality on Mobile screen .
  2. E15 client needed multiple layout as per occasion, Designing team created a separate template engine for Homepage and designed multiple HomePage Layouts which can be switched by client from Admin Panel as per requirement/occasion.


  1. For E15 we developed and designed a dynamic platform. Each Blog, Event and Publication appeared through a separate post. In WordPress there is not any functionality to link the each post so to link all Events, Publication, Blogs we did customization. Through customization all Events , Publications and Blogs appears on a single page with related Event’s Speaker and each category (Blog, Publication, Event) have their own menu as well.
  2.  Before start the customization on E15 we prepare future strategy. We want that every area of E15 website work independently which can be easily upgrade in future. So all WordPress template had been developed using fully customized code and not dependent on any third party plugin.
  3.  The WordPress Post (i.e. Publications, Blogs, Events, Speakers) interlinking logic and search criteria has been implemented in such a manner that client can easily manage this interlinking from the website admin panel by just clicking some options and drag & drop features.
  4.  Each Home page layout developed with separate functionality which is convenient to use for client and can change the Home page layout from the website admin panel easily.
  5.  Feature post can be managed from the website admin panel and client can show the Feature post on Home page on different- different position as per their need.
  6.  Developed Various interactive features like Multiple File Upload, Multiple Author Linking with Sorting functionality have been provided for admin and website users.
  7.  To make the site speed fast and make the website more interactive on every Front End listing page we used enhanced Ajax filtering with lazy load functionality.

Regular Website Maintenance
We developed the website in 2014 and now every year as per Regular updates we doing the regular maintenance.


No third party plugin has been used for any logic’s developed. The code for all the features has been architect  first and custom development has been done for each section accordingly.

Time was a biggest challenge in E15 project. When E15 client come to OST, client need to develop and live the website in 1 month time period. We completed  each milestone with minimum rework and bug, So we were very much focused on quality and time frame. Before start work on any milestone we created  proper work flow in which we taken care the interlinked requirement and future scope. It save our time a lot.

Long term relation

ICTSD associated with opensource technologies with 2009. We did multiple development and designing work with ICTSD.


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