Social Interaction and Social Web Services Technologies
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Eagerly serving the nonprofit industry
with innovative software solutions

Non Profit Organizations

Nonprofit organizations do essential work: from bettering the lives of individuals, families, and communities, to taking charge in protecting the environment, to providing essential goods and services such as education, meals and subsidized transportation. Nonprofits take important missions and causes, and turn them into actionable goals. To support nonprofits as both business organizations and agents of change, we develop custom web and mobile software applications to bring their software infrastructure up to speed with their essential missions. We utilize SEO and social media promotion to increase the visibility of the organization. We make cyber-security and disaster recovery a priority. And our developers also offer experience in creating customized websites for nonprofits and religious organizations. Contact us to learn more about how we can help your nonprofit.

Solutions for Nonprofits

Taking stock of the organization’s mission, we provide strategies and software blueprints to build long-term viability and stability.

We provide full-stack services for web development, custom feature development, CRM and more.

We integrate software applications with HR systems, QuickBooks, and a host of other third-party software using APIs and SDKs.

We create or refurbish mobile apps, from any stage of development, to help reach non-profit users and clients.

Our work accounts for security, disaster recovery, and server & software maintenance.

Through social media promotion, SEO on platforms such as Google and Quora, and online review management, we protect and build your brand reputation.


Delivered Solutions

  • Brand Design & Digital Marketing
  • Platform Design and Development