Founded in 1990, National Lift Equipment is an equipment trading company which sells used and secondhand construction equipment. With particular specialization in telehandlers and boom lifting equipment, NLEq offers a range of industry-standard construction equipment at competitive costs delivered to clients swiftly. With decades of experience in the industry, NLEq boasts excellent product knowledge and industry savvy. As an established company, NLEq places a premium on building relationships with customers and vendors which stand the test of time.


NLEq was in search of a company who are experts in custom development and have a deep understanding of coding. NLEQ CRM was outdated and with limited functionality.

NLEQ wanted to revamp their old CRM as per their current business needs: to make it faster, more secure and easier to increase sales and revenue.

Along with new CRM NLEQ were also required a Business Process Management Software through which they could automate their internal work processes and save cost and time



OST workflow experts and engineers did a detailed study of NLEQ CRM and visited their PA office to understand their needs and difficulties. Based on the study of our work flow expert we created the workflow and started work on migration and development.

We enhanced old CRM as per current business needs and developed software to manage Business Process. We combined CRM and Business processes in one place so client can avoid multiple logins.

  • Lead Management/Tracking

    Laeds are automatically sync and tracked via CRM

    Email Management

    Generating automated bulk and 'multi' emails. Each campaign can be tracked and analysed separately.

    Quote Management

    Quote are unique and generated via CRM once the broker initiates.

    Report Management

    Multiple reports can be generated through CRM

    Inventory Management

    All Inventory can be managed through the CRM and sync with the website and other inventory platforms.

    Inventory Management

    Role Management

    We created various roles as per client requirement. Each role has their own privileges.

    Role Management

    Client Management

    Manage multiple client levels including consumers, companies, finance teams and freighters. Each client type has access to specific features.

    Client Management
  • Inventory Management
    Role Management
    Client Management


    • Moved the database to an AWS Cloud to improve speed and data security
    • Through the new CRM, restructured database (which was huge)
      • Included over 20,000 pieces of equipment and over 50,000 signed-up customers
      • Reduced the size of the database to streamline user speed
    • Improved the “visual files” section of the CRM
      • Allowing for photos and videos of equipment to be included easily in product description
    • Revamped the CRM layout for optimized speed and efficiency



    The beauty and difficulty of working with an older company is wrestling with established business practices. On one hand, NLEq has succeeded for decades based on strong client relations and well-rated construction equipment. However, their software was outdated.

    First, we migrated the old CRM into the new CRM, restructuring the old database to be able to handle greater user traffic and extensive product information and records. The challenge of building a CRM for an older company like NLEq was migrating all of their existing data into the new CRM while keeping the new CRM true to some of the functionalities of the old one.


    Before we started working with OpenSource, we were doing $25,000–$30,000 per month in business. Now, we’re doing well over $90,000 per month. That’s a big step up in only a couple of months, and we credit a good amount of it to OpenSource.

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