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OpenSource Technologies (OST) is the web and mobile application development company in Pennsylvania. Our applications are guided by client input, consumer needs, and industry-leading experience. Plus, we have assembled an award-winning team of developers, designers, and creators that serve every client from our Lansdale, PA office.

At OST, we develop award-winning software, Android and iOS apps with a focus on user experience, lean methodology, and agile/scrum development. We build and refine client ideas and ensure a quality product using a strategic approach.  The end result is always reached on time with an eye on return on investment (ROI), total transparency throughout the process and as a true partner, not a vendor. 

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Mobile App Development Company

At OST, we intend to create apps and technology with innovative designs that cater to each client’s specific needs. We use a methodical and strategic approach to planning a project course and organizing client ideas.

From top to bottom, every OST app is thoroughly vetted with regard to design, functionality, and market appeal.  Clients always come to us with ideas, and with the help of our experts in workflow and UI/UX designers, OST quickly turns ideas into reality. We’ve proven our ability to do so with large enterprises such as KDD (Kuwait Danish Dairy), mid-sized organizations like 27th Investment, Startup like Instant Kosher and Tattoo Studio applications.

Do you already have an App and need ideas to improve and enhance it?  When ScholarVets Network came to OST, they were looking for a redesigned mobile app to keep users engaged. We ultimately redesigned the look and feel and deployed an entirely new set of mobile-friendly features to improve usability.

Mobile App Development Company
Mobile App Development Company

Expert in Custom Development

Custom software development is how we approach designing, creating, deploying, and maintaining software for a specific set of users or functions. We have experience with companies and small scale businesses.

We developed Internal software for 27th Investment to manage their investments, leads and events. Plus, we helped streamline Team Pex Logistics by developing a package, driver, and vehicle management program based on their specific workflows.

Our software moves through familiar steps including requirement gathering, code construction, testing, and deployment. We apply methods, such as Agile, Scrum or Rapid Application Development on the software projects we are involved in.

Work associated with custom software development includes customization, modernization, and application management.

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App design involves the creation of a unique identity for a product or business. Our Work flow expert and designers work with the client to understand the business personality, target market, and targeted audience. We brainstorm the facts and build the design of the App.

We pay close attention to the details when brainstorming or working with new ideas. The workflow expert  listens carefully, what the client wants, and those ideas are edited, expanded, and presented to the client. Then designer works from a brief, stays within the budget, and works within the client’s deadline.

We worked Wesleyan user experience and increased traffic of OLIOLI after launching new look.

"OpenSource Technologies works on a quick turnaround time..."

-(Ryan Wood -IISD)

"To say it as simply as possible: I feel like I’m their only client..."

-(Matt Lamarr - President, Bango Systems)

"It was a big challenge, but they were able to deliver a solution that made the site easier to use..."

-(IT Director, Herbal Medicine Company)

"OpenSource Technologies had an amazing way of solving virtually any issue that arose..."

-(CEO, NoBullyingSchools.com)
Software App Development in Pennsylvania
Software App Development Company

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Founded in 2009, and highlighting 10+ years of experience, OST is a mobile app and custom software development company headquartered in Lansdale, Pennsylvania (USA).

OST specializes in embedded software, the Internet of Things, mobile applications, custom software development, software engineering for cloud platforms, and security programming. Business consulting, information technology, and outsourcing services are available to local clients and global customers through the local OST team and their specialists around the world.