OpenSource Technologies Web Solution Services
OpenSource Services: OST - Open Source Web Application Development Services provides solution to all your Open Source Web Application Requirements.
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Technology Advisors and Foundation Builders for Web and Mobile Application Solutions
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In a competitive market, creating unique software to execute your business can be tricky. Thankfully our engineers have experience overseeing the digital transformation of products while keeping in mind these products’ long-term lifecycle.

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In the digital age, every business needs smart tools to optimize, streamline and manage the digital experiences of users. Our team focuses on delivering the latest solutions.

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Mobile apps allow for customer engagement and business productivity at the touch of a screen. Our team creates high-end Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) structured applications.

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We help companies accelerate their CRM transformation by adapting to different types of existing CRM and creating custom CRM’s for businesses.

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In mobile and web applications, design can’t be limited to the creation of a single page. Our design team covers the fundamentals of your on-screen interfaces, creating a streamlined, interactive customer journey.

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Ecommerce Development New York


Whether your business needs a simple or a complex E-Commerce platform, OST’s team integrates E-Commerce strategy, Omnichannel Solutions, Product Information Management (PIMS) and Mobility in the development of customized software.

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At OpenSource Technologies (OST), we are dedicated to providing tailored AI solutions that leverage cutting-edge technologies to empower businesses across industries. Our team of experts specializes in developing custom AI systems 

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