OpenSource Technologies Web Solution Services
OpenSource Services: OST - Open Source Web Application Development Services provides solution to all your Open Source Web Application Requirements.
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Our strategic thinking and ingenious approach will render world-class solutions for your business


Developing an amazing product in the competitive market is quite a challenge. Our engineers are veterans in digital transformation of products. They would carve out excellent and amazing product lifecycle.

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In digitalization, every business needs smart solutions to optimize, streamline and manage digital experiences.
Our expert team help us to deliver the latest solutions.

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Mobility Improve and enhance the customer engagement and the productivity of a business.
We create high performing and complex Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) structure applications.

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CRM has been developed and designed specifically to target the business needs.
We can help businesses or companies accelerate CRM transformation by using different types of CRM or custom CRM.
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In digitalization, designing is not limited to screen designing. It covers fundamental designing, easy customer journey and interactiveness.

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Whether you need a simple or a complex Ecommerce platform, OST has the appropriate skills to integrate Ecommerce strategy, omnichannel solutions, Product Information Management (PIMS) and Mobility.

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