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Using e-commerce data to improve
your customer’s interaction with your business
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Here at OpenSource Technologies (OST), a top e-commerce website agency, we work with global brands to deliver cross-channel e-commerce experiences. Our client list includes retailers, manufacturers, grocery chains, and more in both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Commercial (B2C) sectors.

We offer e-commerce web development services that streamline user interactions with your brand through the integration of technology, process, assets, and people into one platform. As a top e-commerce web design agency, we have vast experience with OpenCart, Magento, Woocommerce, Shopify, and other leading platforms. This has helped us implement broad integrations of services within the e-commerce ecosystem.


OST is a leading e-commerce website agency with best-of-breed e-commerce experts and future-fit technologies & tools. Whether you are looking for a simple e-commerce solution or you want something with advanced and sophisticated functionalities, we have an exhaustive range of capabilities to astound you with one-of-a-kind e-commerce web development solutions.


Blueprint & Strategy

We analyze your company’s needs and goals in depth and determine a technology blueprint to help grow your business.

ECommerce Platform Selection

We help you choose the best e-commerce platform or software to help you achieve your business needs.


We help customize and personalize your e-commerce platform.

Customer Journey Optimization

We aim to optimize and simplify your customer’s journey by simplifying processes like cart checkout,

return policy, as well as change and addition of address.
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Omni Channel Integration

Omni-channel integration promotes a fully integrated shopping experience to improve your customer’s encounter with your brand

Maintenance & Support

At low cost and maximum efficiency, our maintenance packages help you preserve the quality of your online platforms with both front-end and back-end support.

Digital Marketing

Our proven, cost-effective digital marketing techniques promote your Ecommerce business across the internet.

Why choose us

Source Code Ownership
We have a simple policy when it comes to source code ownership - we build the product, you own it. After delivering your product, we also hand over the source code for free and with no conditions attached. You will enjoy the flexibility to continue working with us for maintenance and support or move on as you please.
No Third Parties
OST is a website development agency where there is zero dependence on third parties. We have got all the human resources and technologies required to deliver your project in-house. Having best-of-breed experts across every area of web development enables us to maintain high-quality and on-time delivery.
Local & Accountable
We build trust and ensure accountability through in-person interactions and face-to-face problem-solving. We are more than a name on your computer screen. You can meet our team of first-rate experts when you visit one of our offices. Having a physical address where you can discuss and monitor your project enables you to hold us accountable.
Transparency is one of the major principles of our culture. We do not just want to build a great product for you, we also want to earn and keep your trust. You are not left in the dark concerning any aspect of your project. We are transparent with all our processes, project status, budget, challenges, risks, and timelines. We keep you updated while on the course to meet your goals.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How to build an Ecommerce website

Be clear about the type and the specifications of the e-commerce website you want. Choose a platform, pick a domain name, and select a good e-commerce website developer. To choose the right developer, make a list of top development agencies. Next, evaluate each company on your list and choose the one that suits your needs and budget.

Can I build an ecommerce website on my own?

Yes, you can build an e-commerce website if you’re a developer. There is a good number of e-commerce platforms that have streamlined the process. All you need to do is select a platform and use themes, templates, & third-party integrations to customize your website, However, you need the help of a developer if you’re not one.

How much does it cost to build an ecommerce website?

How much it costs to build an e-commerce website depends on a range of variables. Every project is unique and so is its cost. Factors like the size of the website, features, third-party integrations, and additional services play a vital role in determining cost. That said, contact us to get a cost estimate for your project.

What is required for an Ecommerce website?

A good e-commerce website requires a short & easy-to-remember domain name, relevant theme, responsive design, improved shopping cart, SEO strategy, flexible return policy, mobile-friendliness, customizability, email marketing integration, social media integration, great customer support, good uptime, scalability, and ultra-short load time.

How to find a developer/programmer for an Ecommerce website?

Finding a good e-commerce development agency requires good research and thorough evaluation. Firstly, be clear about the type & specifications of the e-commerce solution you want and set a budget. Shortlist companies that specialize in the solution you want. Evaluate every agency on your list and settle for the one that best suits your business needs and budget.

Which technology should I choose to build an Ecommerce website?

The technologies to choose depend on the specifications of the e-commerce solution you want. The e-commerce website tech stack includes front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, JS Libraries, etc), back-end technologies (operating systems, web server, databases, storage, programming language, etc), and third-party integrations like payment processors and chatbots. Contact OST today to know the right tech stack for your project.

Which platform is best for an Ecommerce website?

The best platform for an e-commerce platform depends on your business type, the size of your business, and other specific needs of yours. We have a team of dedicated experts to evaluate your needs and recommend the right platform based on future scope and current requirements.

Should an Ecommerce website be mobile-friendly?

Yes, a good e-commerce web solution needs to be mobile-friendly. A report by OBERLO revealed that the percentage of global web traffic on mobile phones has surged over the past decades. As of February 2022, 57.38 percent of all web traffic came through mobile phones. As a result, you need a mobile-friendly e-commerce website.

Is a mobile app necessary for an Ecommerce website?

Yes, mobile apps are necessary for running a successful e-commerce website. A 2021 survey by HEADY found that 57% of shoppers prefer mobile apps to other channels. The three main reasons for the success of online shopping mobile apps are speed, convenience, and personalized experience.

What does a mobile app cost for an Ecommerce business?

The exact cost of an e-commerce mobile app is difficult to quote since it depends on a range of variables. Every mobile app development project is unique and is the cost requirement. The size of the project, features, integrations, tech stack, and other factors determine cost. That said, our e-commerce consultants can give you a reliable cost estimate. Contact us now!

How do I convert my website to an Ecommerce App?

If you’re not a software developer, you need assistance from an e-commerce development agency. E-commerce experts will analyze your business goals and your website to determine the best approach. From choosing the most suitable tech stack to app design, development, testing, and deployment, you need to work with a reliable e-commerce development company.

Do you need a website If you have an App?

Yes, you need both a website and an app to boost the success of your e-commerce business. Having a website will enable you to gain traffic and sales from shoppers that prefer buying from e-commerce websites. Having only an app will make you miss out on potential customers that enjoy shopping websites.

Is security important for an Ecommerce website/App?

Yes, security is one of the most crucial parts of your e-commerce business. Malicious cyber actors are relentlessly scouring the web for e-commerce platforms to compromise. Being a victim of a security breach could lead to fines and also impact the reputation of your business. Institute a robust security framework and always follow best practices to avoid a security breach.

How to boost the sales of my Ecommerce website?

Use PPC marketing and also boost traffic to your e-commerce website by implementing relevant SEO strategies. Once your traffic increases, you’ve to take a step further to optimize the customer experience. Your website’s navigation should be clear, simple, and responsive. Optimize the checkout process to significantly reduce bounce rates. Provide incentives and offer amazing customer support to boost repeat sales and referrals.

How Do I Know If My Ecommerce Website is Secure?

When building a website, make sure that comprehensive security testing is part of the package. This will help in the early discovery of bugs and potential loopholes. Secondly, you can partner with a cybersecurity firm to run a security audit. For instance, conducting a pentest is a standard way to ascertain how secure your platform is.

How Can I Secure My Ecommerce Website/App?

Securing your e-commerce website or app starts from the development stage. Implementation of standard security measures should be an integral part of the entire development process. Discuss with your developer to ensure that appropriate security frameworks are being instituted.

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