Best Web Content Management Solution Company | Custom CMS Development & Integration
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Web Development

Our strategic thinking and ingenious approach will render world-class solutions for your business

Web Development

Every company’s content needs maintenance and exposure across digital platforms for promotion of products and services. Portals or websites need swift and effective management. Our experts provide end-to-end development services ranging from simple to complex business applications. Our solutions are efficient, flexible and results-oriented.

We are one of the winners of the Philly 100 Entrepreneur 2019 Award. We are proud to provide web application and custom solutions to all our clients. Our team of OSTians works with clients every day to bring your unique vision to life. No matter where you are, OST is here to help.


Content Management Solutions (CMS)

Our in-depth business understanding and proven methodology are used to choose the “Right Fit CMS” to ensure cost reduction, minimal risk, and maximum ROI. Best fit CMS solutions makes things easier for your non-technical employees. We have hands-on experience in Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, ECommerce CMS and other platforms.
OST has 10+ years proven experience in:

  • Cross-Vendor CMS Migration
  • CMS Personalization Strategy
  • Third Party CMS Integration

Web Application Framework (WAF)

WAF is part of a modern development look which gives code reusability, extensible approach, flexibility, and better portability. We understand business requirements and suggest the best framework based on your business’ needs. We have 10+ years experience in framework and proven skills in Laravel, Codiginator, Zend and Cake php used to develop multiple projects.

It’s not just websites. We use Framework to build backend business platforms, education software, API, order management software, and subscription platforms.

Custom Software Development

We start development by understanding your business’ requirements and goals. Based on that understanding, our technical strategy expert defines the road map. Well-prepared road maps help to achieve the desired results. During the development process, we follow all guidelines of the MVC structure to ensure a smooth development process.

Solution Which We delivered