The Backdrop

The Drone Racing League (DRL) is the largest US-based professional drone racing league. MultiGP is a drone racing website that governs and oversees drone racing events globally, with more than 16,000 members and above 500 chapters across Australia, Asia, South Africa and Europe.

Project Goals

Brand Image – Multi GP was to be highlighted alongside of a strategic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and event promotion services. Once the commercial drone racing events would come to the knowledge of participants, they would purchase tickets or participate. Thus the promotion of such events was of prime importance.

A brand hike for Multi GP

Keyword research – This being the core of SEO, we optimized the keywords such that they were in parity with current trends, the site structure and the website content.
Brand positioning – We conducted thorough analysis of the business along with in-depth study of the competitors. This enabled us to arrive at a clear brand positioning. This in turn, carved the way forward for promotion. The promotional strategy was reviewed quarterly vis-à-vis the progress achieved
• For a prominent brand imagery and business for Multi GP, we followed the White Hat Technique using keywords and keyword analysis, manual back linking to improve link popularity. Strategic content was written for the target audience. We took to this Ethical SEO as Multi GP aimed at making a long-term investment on their website.
• All pertinent information related to drone racing events was uploaded on websites earmarked for events. The racing events were hugely popularized.
• The organic traffic en route search engines increased manifold.
• At the launch of the new website, we took care of the URL mapping and redirection lest any negative publicity occurred.


Proactive Mapping

We yielded our committed deliverables within the stipulated time. We always abide by statistics which could be easily tracked.

  • Once the goal was set, we did the Ecommerce tracking.
  • Whatever traffic came via other channels, were tracked and detailed reports were provided.
  • We provided Keywords click through rate (Keywords CTR).
  • We provided elaborate reports of all monthly back linking we did.

Results of Digital Marketing


Total website traffic had grown by


Organic Search was up by


Referrals had grown by


Page Session Duration was extended to


Average Session Duration now is


New Session was up by

90% MultiGP Keywords are now in  Google top10

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