The Backdrop

Kuwaiti Danish Dairy Company (KDD) has been the longest-established Kuwaiti market leader, manufacturer and distributor of food and beverages in the Gulf Co-operation Council (GCC) countries.  KDD’s distribution network stretches across Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Bahrain, UAE, Qatar, Oman, Lebanon, Jordan and India.

Project Goals

  • An Ecommerce Mobile App – For both KDD’s C2C and Home Delivery (HD) Users, a mobile App was to be developed. It would be a one-stop Ecommerce solution that would cater to data management, catalogue management, order management, store-based commerce and much more.
  • App for cross-section of age – From young students to the senior citizens, the App had to be accessible and usable by all age groups.
  • A well-integrated App -It had to derive data like categories, products, orders and customers. Such integration would enable orders, inventory levels, product data and customer information to move seamlessly between systems and enable efficient operations.
  • A multilingual App -Interestingly, the App had to support both English and Arabic languages.

Our Offerings

We developed the application such that, the Ecommerce store would get an effective platform with a clear picture of total orders, sales, customers and sales analytics. For a smooth engagement of a huge user base in the app, we ensured its look and feel and superior user experience. At every stage, we kept in mind that the core purpose of the App, that it had to cater to retail needs. Connecting with users across age categories and easing out their ordering process was of prime importance.


  • Incorporation of the Arabic script – Unlike usual scripts, Arabic  had a right-to-left alignment. Not only the text, but the entire layout had to be oriented right-to-left. Making the language representation practical was a serious challenge. We customized the App template such that if any user selected for the ‘Arabic’ option, the entire App card or page would switch to a right-to-left mode. In order to evade any inaccuracy of the actual information or meaning desired by Arabic, we handled the entire translation in-house.
  • Customized ordering facilities -The exhaustive cross-section of users was another factor that needed utmost focus. The Home Delivery users were the pre-paid ones. Earmarked day-wise and date-wise schedules had to be customized for them. For instance, a certain HD user would need two 500 ml milk packets to be delivered every Tuesday and 1 litre pouch of guava juice every Friday. The App had to provide this option with the most user-friendly ease. While placing such orders, the HD users wouldn’t have to incur any payment. The KDD back office team would directly adjust from their user’s’ available balance and update the same.
  • Delivery Schedules -In the present phase of the App, we are citing the fixed product delivery schedules to the users with an option to start or stop their respective delivery schedules for a fixed span of time

Final results with URL

The builds are uploaded in the Google Play Store and Apple Store. Soon, Kuwaiti Danish Dairy Company would publish the Apps for general viewing and download.

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