The Backdrop

Veil Cosmetics, a vegan makeup line centered around weightless, skin-care focused cosmetics, had an existing website in Shopify. They wanted a partner who knew the ins and outs of Shopify, who could perform regular maintenance and enhance the site’s design and feel. They were also looking to work with an SEO expert, who could help them drive revenue and stimulate brand traffic on popular search engines.

Tasked with giving Veil’s multi-purpose and professional-grade makeup products the sophisticated digital marketing they deserve, OpenSource Technologies upgraded Veil’s website and implemented SEO strategies to promote online traffic.

The Requirement

Veil Cosmetics needed the help of a Shopify expert who could enhance their eCommerce store and adapt the platform to their (Veil’s) ongoing requirements.

Veil has a presence in various countries, and they have product prices specifically made for each region. They needed the help of a team that could implement a price differentiation system to automatically display the different product prices for shoppers in different countries.

The Solution

OST’s team of Shopify software experts implemented an IP filtration based on the shopper’s country. For example if a user opens the Veil website in Canada, then the website will automatically display Veil’s product and shipping prices for Canada.

We also enhanced the site’s features as per the client’s requirements and feedback – optimizing look and feel, as well as the ease of a customer shopping experience.

Product image changed on left hand side as per selected variant- Since the shade module is different from the image gallery module, we made custom changes to develop the bridge between two modules. This change enhances the user experience to the next level because the user can see the example model image using the particular shade before purchasing it.

Discount pop-up integration with Klaviyo

When the site loads, the user gets an option to register for the newsletter, and in turn gets a one-time discount coupon. The pop-up and discounts are integrated with Klaviyo, so as soon as the user submits the form, he/she is registered with the (client’s) Klaviyo account. Thereafter the discount code emails are sent via Klaviyo only. The same discount code/coupon is created in the Shopify store to enable the users to apply that during the purchase.

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    How OST helped VeilCosmetics to increase their revenue.

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